Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find your prices?

To receive my price list a custom quote, more info about my albums please drop me an email and I will respond within 48 hours of receiving your enquiries.

“Are you a professional full-time photographer?”

Yes, my Italian professional tax code is: 08351480960

We think you are the right fit for our wedding day, how do we book you?

That is wonderful news! I take commissions on a first come first serve basis. Contact me at and make sure to include the day of your wedding or use this contact form. You can secure your date by signing the contract and making a deposit, which is 50% of the total amount. You can pay as you prefer: PayPal or bank transfer.

“Do you offer engagement or couple shootings?”

Of course, I do! Engagements in Italy are always beautiful but I am available for portraits and destination engagement sessions around Europe or worldwide! You can book only the couple/engagement shooting or book it together with your wedding package. There is no place where we can’t start to tell your story!

“Whats is your style?”

My photography style is a mixture of fine art documentary and editorial style portraiture, I approach weddings with an artistic eye, focusing on the details, the authentic emotions, the celebrations and most of all, the genuine love between the bride and groom. I want my clients to not only be happy with their photos today but also in 10 or 20 years.

“What equipment do you use? Do you have backup gear?”

I am currently shooting digital with my kit including 2 Canon camera bodies and an assortment of high-quality lenses.

Where are you based? Will you travel to shoot my wedding?

I live near Milan, Northern Italy, from where it’s easy to reach Lake Maggiore and the Italian Lake District area, last year I shooted weddings & editorials in Piedmont, Marche, Umbria, Tuscany and Apulia. I’m willing to travel both through Italy and abroad, wherever you plan on getting married, I’ll be ready to go.

“Do you charge travel expenses?”

Expenses for travel and accommodation will be charged depending on the wedding destination.

“How many hours will you stay with us?”

I offer 10 and 12 hours wedding coverage with the option of additional coverage if needed. That means I usually get where the bride is getting ready about two hours before the ceremony, and I stay around one hour after the cutting of the cake, during the party.

“Do you ever work with a second photographer?”

I always work with an assistant, included in the base price.

“Can other people take pictures while you do?”

Yes. I just ask that they be respectful and don’t interfere with me doing the absolute best work I can for you. Basically, don’t stand in the aisle with an iPad while the bride is walking down it. Things like that. I also ask that while we’re photographing the two of you, it’s just me shooting.

“How many images will I receive?”

Usually, I delivery between 400/600 photos.

“What is your turnaround time for wedding Photos?”

12 weeks. Usually, it’s even a shorter amount of time, but you should consider at least 5 weeks. If you want, I can post some photos on my facebook page just a few days after the wedding.

“Will all the photos be professionally retouched?”

I’ll correct exposure and colours for all the pictures.

“What will we receive?”

First, you’ll get a slideshow with the best moments of the day and the high-res photos in a private gallery so that you can see them as soon as I finish the editing and share them with your friends and family if you like. Then I’ll send you home a box in which you can find a beautiful USB drive.

“Do you concede printing rights?”

Yes, you can print as many photos as you want, wherever you like and however you like.

“Do you offer albums?”

Of course, you can find my fine art wedding albums and my wedding packaging here.

I don’t really like getting my photos taken and I get quite nervous!

I personally hate having my photo taken and I know I am not alone in feeling incredibly awkward in front of the camera. I try and keep that in mind when I am behind the camera, there will be no awkward posing, rather some gentle direction given throughout your portrait session, we’ve just to be natural, and the photos will come!

“How long will it take for bride and groom photos?”

Ideally, I need half an hour, but if you want we can speed it up. Usually, I tend to stay in the location where the reception is held, but if you like to move to some particularly interesting location not far, I will be happy to be your driver!

“At the wedding could you please take a picture of me with…?”

I try to take photos of everything and everyone but it’s not always easy, that’s why I suggest having your group shots done. Yes, they’re a bit boring, but that way you will be sure to have a picture with every one of the guests.

“I’m a photographer, can we go on a shoot together sometime?”

Why not? get in touch!